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Filtration is an expanding industry that encompasses many types of solutions such as air filtration, water filtration, chemical filtration, electrostatic filtration, oil filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, membrane filtration, biological filtration and much more. In today’s modern industry utilizing the proper types of filtration is essential for effective and safe production in nearly every single industry.

Obviously, the overall goal of most filtration systems is to clean and purify substances to adhere to an application’s need or to comply with a regulation, however filtration systems are sometimes simply used to prolong the lifetime of other incorporated machinery. Equipment such as HEPA, ULPA, HVAC and other devices are used to make environments much safer for humans. As stricter laws and regulations are enacted many companies and industries have to respond by installing these devices into their work zones.

In recent news there has been a push for more ozone-enhanced filtration for wastewater treatments. These newer types of technology utilize ozone, filtration and different analytical instrumentation to not only treat waste water but to also allow it to be reused and easily discharged back into sensitive clean waters. There are several types of other water filtration types such as activated carbon filters, carbon blocking filters, ceramic filters, deionization filters, distillation filters, ion exchange devices, ultraviolet filters and more.

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